Current U.S. Legislation on Immigration

Current U.S. Legislation on Immigration

Our Advocacy Work

The Irish Apostolate USA, on behalf of Irish immigrants in the country, is committed to working for a comprehensive solution to the current immigration crisis.  A comprehensive approach will:
1) include a path to citizenship for the undocumented;
2) include a temporary guest worker program with a path to citizenship;
3) reduce the backlog in family-reunification;
4) restore due process rights for immigrants;
5) provide appropriate security for our borders and for U.S. citizens.

Latest Legislative Resources

    State Responses to Immigration:  A Database of All State Legislation

    This database contains all bills and resolutions related to immigrants or immigration that were considered by state legislators across the nation.  At present, the database contains all immigration-related legislation for 2007.  Data for 2008 and historic 2001-2006 data will be added in the coming months.
    State Responses to Immigration is a joint project of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and a research team at the New York University School of Law (NYU).


    Current Bills


    It is important that you let your legislator know that you support comprehensive immigration reform – and a path to citizenship for the undocumented. The anti-immigration faction is well organized and their followers are very vocal. We need to make more calls and make sure our voices are heard!

    Your Senators and Representatives need to hear from you. Let them know people in their state support comprehensive immigration reform. You can contact them by phone, fax and email. Please follow the links to get the details for your representatives.

    How to Contact Your Elected Federal Officials

    The U. S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 will connect you directly to the Washington office of your member of Congress. Tell them which zip code you are calling from to get the details for your representative and your senators.

    If you wish to make an appointment with your Senator or Representative, you will probably meet with one of their legislative assistant unless you know a Member of Congress personally.  It is just as important to give the assistant your message about the need for immigration reform.  He/she will convey your message along with any materials you leave to the Member of Congress.


    Know Your Rights – January 2008

    Members of the public should remember that unless an officer has a warrant, you are not required to invite that person into your home. Under US law, you may also properly refuse any question that is put to you and instead remain silent. You do not need to cooperate with any investigation if you do not want to do so. We believe that the guidance, advice and assistance of an experienced attorney is very important in circumstances such as these.
    The community is asked to call their local immigration center for further detailed information.



    Any organization (whether public or private) or individual (e.g., notary public or attorney), who claims that a new legalization plan has been enacted, or that you should prepare for a soon-to-be approved legalization program, is committing fraud.  Protect yourself and your community:

    • Do not pay anyone or any organization to assist with the “preparation of legalization paperwork”
    • The U.S. Congress has not approved, nor has the President signed immigration reform legislation that includes a process for the adjustment of status (e.g., becoming a permanent resident)

    At this time, the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives continue to debate the issue and laws to reform the existing immigration system HAVE NOT BEEN ENACTED.