Returning to Ireland

Returning to Ireland

Returning to Ireland

This detailed document produced by Crosscare Migrant Project (formerly Emigrant Advice), will assist you if/when you decide to return to Ireland.  Crosscare Migrant Project is an information, advice, and referral agency based in Dublin city centre.  They respond to the needs of intending emigrants, returning emigrants, and immigrants.

The ‘Returning to Ireland’ publication is available from:

  • All Irish agencies in the United Kingdom
  • All Irish agencies in the United States
  • All Irish agencies in Australia
  • Selected Irish agencies in Europe
  • All Irish embassies and consulates worldwide
  • All Citizen Information Centres (CIC) in Ireland
  • All Social Welfare branch offices and local offices in Ireland
  • Emigration related organizations throughout Ireland

The ‘Returning to Ireland’ publication is in Factsheet form. You should request the Factsheet that corresponds to your particular query from your nearest ‘Returning to Ireland’ provider.

The following Factsheets are provided on the Crosscare Migrant Project website:

The new ‘Returning to Ireland’ aims to provide you with information in a manner that is easily understood and which allows you to gradually deal with the practicalities of moving home.

For additional assistance, please contact any of the Irish Immigration Centers in the United States or contact Crosscare Migrant Project.

Safe-Home Programme Ireland


Mission Statement

In recognition of the unique role played by our emigrants, economic refugees, who left these shores, many unwillingly, and whose remittances sustained the Irish economy and were our original ‘Celtic Tiger’ the Safe-Home Programme seeks, with support of the booming Irish economy, to repay the just debt owed to those who, in their twilight years want to come home.


Through lobbying for Local Authorities and the Voluntary Housing sector to wholeheartedly embrace the Amendment to the Capital Assistance Scheme which recognises the desire of a small number of older emigrants to return home.


Through widespread dissemination of information at home and abroad the Safe-Home Programme wishes to afford elderly Irish people an option to return home through ensuring that knowledge of the Programme exists among the emigrants themselves and among those who work with them.


Older People


Although based in County Mayo, Safe-Home is a National organisation that seeks to assist older Irish born emigrants to return to their homeland. We work to secure housing in the Voluntary Sector (in housing specifically for the older person) for applicants as near to their home place as possible all over Ireland. Our criteria for application is that people must be older Irish born emigrants, aged close to or over 60 years, must be living in rented accommodation and must be seeking to return to their county of origin or a county they have close, verifiable links with.


For anyone considering returning to Ireland (regardless of age or circumstance)


Returning to Ireland is an enormous step so we will give information about coming home to anyone who would like to receive it whether they meet our criteria or not. Our information pack deals with pensions, benefits, the Irish health care system, Irish benefits available to the older person, which British benefits will transfer and which won’t, housing in Ireland, driving and tax. We are happy answer specific questions that individuals may wish to raise.


[Please see website noted above for more information.]