Suicide Counseling

Suicide Counseling

Suicide Counseling


Dóchas Massachusetts

Dóchas (the Irish word for hope) is a community collaboration bringing together the Irish Pastoral Centre Boston (IPC), 

The Irish International Immigrant Center Boston (IIIC), the GAA, and other community groups and concerned individuals.

The goal of this collaborative group is to address the rising issue of suicide and mental health issues among the Irish community here in the New England area, beginning with a series of community meetings.

Our aim is to UNITE concerned members of the community, to discuss what we can to TOGETHER to tackle this issue and to PREVENT further suicides.  TALK is part of the solution.

We encourage any interested individuals or groups to attend our next series of meetings recommencing in Boston on 

Wednesday, February 12th at 6.30pm at the Laboure Centre,

275 W Broadway, South Boston.

For those of you further afield please support us through social media:

Facebook page is:

 Will we continue to use these to spread the word and share relevant information.  

The greater the ‘LIKES’ the GREATER the impact.

For more information contact: 

Ciara at 617.452.7654 ext. 32

Eileen at 617.265.5300 ext. 13

or email